21 September 2021


ICA Yarns participated in the Monitor for Circular Fashion 2021, a multi-stakeholder project with leading companies in the fashion sector and players in the supply chain, with the scientific contribution of the SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab and Enel X’s cross-industry vision for the identification of Circularity KPI.

The Monitor for Circular Fashion welcomes companies actively engaged in sustainability and circularity, linked by the common goal of disseminating good circular fashion practices, enhancing technical, managerial and scientific skills, to contribute to the transition to circular business models. The project was born as a response to the needs promoted by the EU Green Deal & Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Union’s plan to make the eurozone economy sustainable and carbon neutral by 2050, and by UNECE which, with its Call to Action for Enhancing Transparency and Treaceability of Sustainable Value Chains in Garment and Footwear sector, invites all players in the sector to act for traceability and transparency in order to accelerate the sustainability and circularity of the value chain.

ICA Yarns is proud to give its contribution to this ambitious project, which aims to provide a snapshot of the circular maturity of the Italian fashion industry and open the way for systemic change within the entire sector, trying to position Italy as a reference model for circular fashion in the world.

“We are proud to be part of such a project that at the same time represents a commitment to our customers. ICA has always been committed to all issues of sustainability and supply chain transparency, this fits perfectly into our strategy. Applying the know-how of Enel X and SDA Bocconi to measure ourselves and continue to improve our modus operandi is a challenge that we take up with interest; we are ready to evaluate and put into practice the circularity measures and best practices that will emerge from the analysis”.
Daniele Arioldi, ICA Yarns CEO and President

The Monitor for Circular Fashion analyzes how the company applies the principles of circular economy along the activities of the value chain based on its business model, using inter-sectoral KPIs developed by Enel X, together with other specific indicators of the fashion sector developed by SDA Bocconi. The data collected were aggregated in the final report presented on 20 September 2021.
Thanks to this report it will be possible to identify the macro-trends of the sector, highlighting the best practices, the circularity gaps and the potential areas for improvement that will allow the fashion industry to become the key promoter of the circular economy, for an increasingly sustainable future.

Download the full Monitor for Circular Fashion Report 2021.