ICA YARNS presents its S/S 2025 yarn collection at Filo

Selection of the world’s finest raw materials, traceability and innovation.

25 September 2023

ICA YARNS presents its S/S 2025 yarn collection at Filo

Selection of the world’s finest raw materials, traceability and innovation.

Filo – MiCo Milan Convention Centre – 20/21 September 2023 – Stand D5

Quality raw materials, vertical integration and innovation are confirmed as the strategic values of the path of ICA Yarns, which presents the latest creations from its Spring/Summer 2025 collection at the 60th edition of Filo.

Vertical integration of the Albini Group’s supply chain, together with the know-how of ICA Yarns, has given rise to cutting-edge projects, such as the new REGENERATIVE BIOFUSION®, the first traceable and regenerative organic cotton yarn, ideal for creating shirting as well as knitwear fabrics.

“REGENERATIVE BIOFUSION® is only the latest example that confirms ICA Yarns’ role as the market gold standard for high-end yarns, as it guarantees for our customers sourcing of the world’s finest raw materials and direct control of the supply chain”, comments. The first harvest produced 872 bales of Supima cotton – an extra-long fibre cotton variety – organic and regenerative, corresponding to approximately 135,000 kg of yarn. This result was made possible through constant research, selection and the evolution of fibres”.

– Fancesco Bianchetti, General Manager of ICA Yarns

REGENERATIVE BIOFUSION is a pioneering and innovative project that confirms ICA Yarns’ role as a promoter of sustainable change within the international textile scene.

ICA Yarns also collaborated with Albini_next  for two innovative projects.

The synergy between ICA Yarns and ALBINI_next shows how innovation cannot exist independently of sustainability and must therefore be an ally of it. ALBINI_next has confirmed itself as a true nerve centre, a place where ideas are transformed into action, emblematic of a cutting-edge mindset, to reach the new frontiers of the textile industry. Through ICA Yarns’ know-how and experience, ALBINI_next’s designs have become outstanding products, with the aim of offering the market two types of yarns that are unique in terms of quality and sustainability characteristics.

– Stefano Albini, CEO of I Cotoni di Albini

The new fibres developed by Ica Yarns and ALBINI_next are:

An.Ti.Co.: yarns made from cottons that grow naturally coloured, from a cross between seeds of ancient cottons, which have the special feature of producing a coloured fibre. The use of coloured cotton allows all types of dyeing to be avoided. Based on this research done by ALBINI_next, ICA Yarns has created two yarns: one green and one brown, available in both full-colour and mélange versions, in Ne30/1 and Ne10/1.

Novus: a fibre produced from CIRCULOSE® cellulose pulp, obtained from textile scraps. The project was done in collaboration with Renewcell, an award-winning textile recycling company based in Sweden. It has created a unique and patented process technology based on chemical recycling for the production of CIRCULOSE® pulp, obtained by dissolving textile scraps 100%. The pulp is then processed into textile fibres of viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate and other virgin-quality biodegradable regenerated fibres. ICA Yarns then transforms these fibres into yarns, resulting in new high-quality textile products.