Biofusion® – Italian Selection

The first Made in Italy and fully traceable organic cotton.

30 January 2023

Biofusion® – Italian Selection

The first Made in Italy and fully traceable organic cotton.

Thanks to its commitment to researching the world’s best raw materials and studying the best way to grow them, ICA Yarns brought cotton growing back to Italy after about 70 years.

As early as 2020, thanks to its experience and extensive research, ICA Yarns had initiated a project to grow the scientifically traceable organic cotton BIOFUSION® in Texas, New Mexico and California.

Today, three years later, ICA Yarns faces the realization of another new project in collaboration with Gest: Biofusion® – Italian Selection, a fully traceable organic cotton grown in Italy.

Grown in the province of Foggia (Apulia) by local farmers at Posta Faugno farm, this cotton comes from an area which is highly dedicated to such cultivation and where superior quality organic farming has been practised for years.

It is grown through the ‘armonicoltura’ – a technique that affects the growth of cotton, increasing its production and quality through a carefully selected playlist with musical frequencies up to 432 Hertz.

To make organic cotton that meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability, growers at Posta Faugno Farm have selected only superior GMO-free seeds, eliminating the use of pesticides and chemicals from the agricultural process.

In addition to being organic, Biofusion® – Italian Selection cotton is also scientifically traceable from the field to the fabric thanks to an innovative method based on forensic science. This process makes it possible to guarantee the origin, the quality and an ethical and sustainable production of this raw material.

The numbers speak for themselves: 47 hectares of fields, entirely cultivated with organic cotton; 200 bales of cotton collected, that is 44,000 kg of cotton which give life to 30,000 kg of yarn which, once woven, will be transformed into 120,000 meters of high quality cotton fabric.

“A bet well won, because the first harvest has already shown excellent results: now, in fact, there is an exclusive and precious Made in Italy cotton. A story of emotion, know-how and talent to create pure beauty.